Saturday, December 31, 2005

Sanjay Ramasamy speaks again

Thannambikkai-kum thalaiganathukkum oru nool allavu thaan vithiyaasam…

- ennnala full adichittu steadya nikka mudiyumnu solrathu thannambikkai
- ennnala mattum thaan full adichittu steadyaaa nikka mudiyummnu solrathu thalaiganam.

Kastappattu koodicha raw-va sarakku adikka mudiyathu.
Ishtappattu koodicha thaan raw-va sarakku adikka mudiyum.

Adikara thaniyea virumbi adippom…

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Friend: How was the tape you borrowed from me, is it Ok?
Mr. Bean: What do you mean ok, I thought it's a horror film. I didn't see any picture.
Friend: What tape did you took anyway?
Mr. Bean: Head Cleaner.

Mr. Bean:(crying) the doctor called, Mom's dead.
Friend: condolence, my friend.
(After 2 minutes) Mr. Bean cries even louder
Friend: what now?
Mr. Bean: my sister just called, her mom died too!

Colleague: Sorry I'm late. I got stuck in an elevator for 4 hrs because of a power failure.
Mr. Bean: That's alright, me too...I got stuck on the escalator for 3 hrs

Mr. Bean's Son: Dad, what is the spelling of it one c or two c?
Mr. Bean: Make it three c to be sure!

Doctor: I regret to tell you that you have a brain tumor.
Mr. Bean: Yesss!!! (jumps in joy)
Doctor: Did you understand what I just told you?
Mr. Bean: Yes of course, do you think I'm dumb?
Doctor: Then why are you so happy?
Mr. Bean: Because that proves that I have a brain!

Teacher: What is 5 plus 4?
Mr. Bean: 9
Teacher: What is 4 plus 5?
Mr. Bean: Are you trying to fool me, you've just twisted the figure, the answer is 6!!

Mr. Bean: I'd like some vitamins for my grandson.
Clerk: Sir, vitamin A, B or C?
Mr. Bean: Any will do, my grandson doesn't know the alphabet yet!!

Friend: What are you looking at?
Mr. Bean: I know your PIN no., hee, hee.
Friend: Alright, what is my PIN no. if you saw it?
Mr. Bean: four asterisks (****)!

Friend: How many women do you believe must a man marry?
Mr. Bean: 16
Friend: Why?
Mr. Bean: Because the priest says 4 richer, 4 poorer, 4 better and 4worse.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Life brings us lots of surprises every moment. we may plan something to do but it may never happen. as people say "man proposes, god disposes". whatever we plan in our life, is not guaranteed to happen. dont think i am a pessimist. i am an optimist. i think positively, but i do know that expectations in all of its kinds gives us dissappointments. sometimes i used to think "hi whats this? what am i doing now? whats am i supposed to do? did i ever even think that i would be doing this in my life!" every day is a surprise and we should be ready to welcome it, sorrow or happiness whatever it is.

The art of living sucessfully,
consists of being able to hold
two opposite ideas in tension at the same time;
first, to make long-term plans,
as if we were going to live forever,
and second, to conduct ourselves daily
as if we were going to die tomorrow.
- Sydney J. Harris

அவரவர் பிராரப்தப்பிரகாரம் அதற்கானவன்
ஆங்காங்கு இருந்து ஆட்டுவிப்பன்;
என்றும் நடவாதது என் முயற்சிக்கினும் நடவாது;
நடப்பது என் தடை செய்யினும் நில்லாது;
இதுவே திண்ணம் ஆகலின்
மெளனமாய் இருக்கை நன்று!...
- ரமண மகரிஷி

When Bill Gates dies...

"Well, Bill," said God, "I'm really confused on this one. I'm not
sure whether to send you to Heaven or Hell! After all, you helped
society enormously by putting a computer in almost every home in the
world, and yet you created that infernal Windows. I'm going to do
something I've never done before. I'm going to let you decide where
you want to go!"

Mr. Gates replied, "Well, thanks, God. What's the difference between
the two?"

God said, "You can take a peek at both places briefly if it will
help you decide. Shall we look at Hell first?"

"Sure!" said Bill.

"Let's go!" Bill was amazed! He saw a clean, white sandy beach with
clear waters. There were thousands of beautiful women running
around, lying in the water, laughing and frolicking about. The sun
was shining and the temperature was just perfect!!

Bill said, "This is great! If this is Hell, I can't wait to see

To which God replied, "Let's go!" and off they went. Bill saw puffy
white clouds in a beautiful blue sky with angels drifting about
playing harps and singing. It was nice, but surely not as enticing
as Hell. Mr. Gates thought for only a brief moment and rendered his
decision. "God, I do believe I would like to go to Hell."

"As you desire," said God.

Two weeks later, God decided to check up on the late billionaire to
see how things were going. He found Bill shackled to a wall,
screaming among the hot flames in a dark cave. He was being burned
and tortured by demons.

"How ya doing,' Bill?" asked God.

Bill responded with anguish and despair. "This is awful! This is not
what I expected at all! What happened to the beach and the beautiful
women playing in the water?"

"Oh, THAT!" said God.

"That was the screen saver !"

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

கனவு தேசம்

பூக்கள் மடிவதில்லை,
சூரியன் மறைவதில்லை,
நிலவு தேய்வதில்லை,
எண்ணங்கள் மனதினில் பூட்டப்படுவதில்லை,
வெளியிட எதிர்ப்பில்லை,
என் கனவு தேசத்தின்
இந்த இயல்புகள் தோன்ற
நேரமும் வரவில்லை,
என் பயணமும் முடியவில்லை,

Monday, November 21, 2005


One of the person who has won the indian national bravery award this year is a girl aged around 15 years.The surprising fact is that she is awarded for she divorced her husband whom she married when she was a child.the girl hails from a remote village in Andra where child marriages are prevelant.she said in the interviewthat i watched in the ndtv news channel,that she is a victim of child marriage.she wanted to continue her studiesand she sought divorce from husband.i can imagine what kind of hurdles she would have and would be facing,to wage this war against child marriage and her right to get educated.but the sad part is now she has stopped studying since she has to feed her family of oldage parents,and two brothers.i could see the pain in her eyes,when she said this and i felt sorry for her.i would be happy if some social activist in that area help her withher studies. during this interview,there was another girl with her who is a friend of her studying 8th standard,and guess what?she is married and now going to school. is there no end to this problem?

நான் என் கண்களில் கனவுகளையோ,
என் நெஞ்சில் ஆசைகளையோ,
சுமக்க விரும்பவில்லை,
என் முதுகில் புத்தகங்களை
சுமக்க விரும்புகிறேன்.
யாராவது தயவு செய்து
பள்ளிக்கு அனுப்புங்கள்.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

dont underestimate a tomato vendor

The following story was emailed to me,hope all of u enjoy the story

A jobless man applied for the position of "office boy" at Microsoft. The HR manager interviewed him then watched him cleaning the floor as a test. "You are employed" he said."Give me your e-mail address and I'll send you the application to fill in, as well as date when you may start. The man replied "But I don't have a computer, neither an email."I'm sorry", said the HR manager,"If you don't have an email, that means you do not exist. And who doesn't exist, cannot have the job.The man left with no hope at all.

He didn't know what to do, with only $10 in his pocket. He then decided to go to the supermarket and buy a 10 Kg tomato crate. He then sold the tomatoes in a door to door round. In less than two hours, he succeeded to double his capital. He repeated the operation three times, and returned home with $60. The man realized that he can survive by this way, and started to go everyday earlier, and return late Thus, his money doubled or tripled every day.Shortly, he bought a cart, then a truck, then he had his own fleet of delivery vehicles. 5 years later, the man is one of the biggest food retailers in the US.

He started to plan his family's future, and decided to have a life insurance. He called an insurance broker, and chose a protection plan. When the conversation was concluded,the broker asked him his email. The man replied, "I don't have an email". The broker answered curiously, "You don't have an email, and yet have succeeded to build an empire. Can you imagine what you could have been if you had an email?!!"The man thought for a while and replied, "Yes, I'd be an office boy at Microsoft!"

Moral of the story:
1) Internet is not the solution to your life.
2) If you don't have internet, and work hard, you can be a millionaire.
3) If you received this message by email, you are closer to being an office boy, than a millionaire...
Have a great day !!!
P.S -Do not forward this email to me back, i m closing all my email addresses & going to sell tomatoes!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

thaneer thaneer

Chennai cannot be called as "thanniyilla kadu" anymore,bcos now the plight of chennai is "engengu kanum thaniyada".it all started when rains slashed all over karnataka and the dams started overflowing.till then,we were begging karnataka for water,but now we are begging stop releasing water.when cauvery was flooded, many villages on the banks uncle, who works in chennai has his family back in tiruchi.when tiruchi got flooded,he went back there and he literally swam to his home in lingam nagar and found his wife in the first floor.we were surprised to hear this , till then we were not aware that the very next day chennai would be flooded. when the rain started on wednesday morning and went on the whole day,there was no power supply in the whole city,since the roads were flooded power supply was cut off and now the situation was the vice the evening grew, there was a heavy demand for candles and my bro went from shop to shop to reserve for candles.we were getting update news thro radio(which we had stopped listening long ago) and there was a storm warning.but chennai escaped from the storm.the next day, the front page of all dailies carried photos of chennai flooded.the main reason for this kind of water logging in many parts of chennai is that on the first hand we never experienced such heavy rain in the recent times,secondly many water reserve areas have been converted into housing areas,thirdly people dump garbages into the pits where the rain water is supposed to a result lot of water have gone into the sea which could have saved.but the rainwater harvesting scheme has gained its results in many areas following this rain.but now city has come to a normal pace,which is easily seen when i saw the pics of people shopping in tnagar with waist deep water in ranganathan street.aha, thats the spirit of chennai , the "anja nenjargal".happy deepavali to everyone out there.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


i finished reading the book "kuttravaali" by vaasanthi. There are two characters which impressed me a,an elderly brahmin widow.she thinks of the day when her husband dies when she was ten.she didnt even remember her hubby's face.but she is declared a widow,who is not supposed to go out,head shaven and prisoned in her home for more than half a decade.when her head is shaved for the first time,the barber cries and pities her a lot.for that the woman answers"can u take me with u to ur house".he gets shocked and cries again.after a few visits,he gets used to it and slowly his pitiness fades away and the ritual becomes a habit.and she remains that way her reminds me of ourselves.when we see crimes around us in the name of religion,caste or anything,we arise our voices against them but for how many days? we jus see our own probs and then get away with our life.why is this?
the other character is a young girl,who is not physically fit to bear a child.though she is well qualified and has a good job,everyone who meets her questions her marital status."did u go to a doc?,why dont u take a treatment, this and that".she asks "this is my body and i like it as it is?why are u bothered?".she could not tolerate their ideas that"sakthiyum sivanum inaivathu than iyarkai. nee pen endral adipadai thaguthi vendum.illavitall nee poojyam.irupathum,illathathum ondruthan".she asks them"ethu pooranathvum?ethu kurai? evanodaiya vamsathaiyo perukka thaguthi irupathu than pooranathvuma?" these lines have arised questions in me also.What is completeness?

Monday, October 10, 2005

navarathiriyum sundalum

i had been busy for a few days preparing for the most colorful festival in india "navarathri". It is the most enjoyed festival in india. we in south, celebrate it by displaying kolu in our homes. we had set the readymade kolu padikattu and arranged the dolls colorfully. All these nine days is a time of great celebration for the kids, who wear colorful costumes and set out to other houses for the most famous "sundal" collection. it brings back my childhood days, when i go out with my other friends to my neighbouing houses, wearing different attires on each day, sing songs, and betting withing ourselves like what sundal will each one give. those are the days. anthal naal ngabagam vanthathe.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

fairness creamsum aangalum

u know vara vara intha fairness creams ads panra lollu thanga mudiyela. ithana naala
pengala muttalakki emathinanga.ippa aangala target panranga.intha creams use panni fair ana pengale kidayathu.naan vena ezhudi tharen.ariya vayasula,athavathu school days,naanum use panniyiruken,aana en nalla neram,naan muzhichukiten. aana niraya pengal paavam innum ithelam unmainu nenaikuranga. adhanala ella aangalukum enna solla
varenna intha ads paarthu emanthu kenai appadingra per vangidatheenga.avalavu than naan solven.apparum unga thala vidhi. aaiyo,yaravadu intha ads ban panungappa ,panunga.

Monday, October 03, 2005

The recent blogs i visited have registered their comments abt the incident that happened in the star hotel in the city.The publishing of the photos of the party is indeed an intrusion of should be condemned.".in these kind of parties in the star hotels,most of the people are foreigners and people from very rich circles.but nowadays,youngster working in MNCs are tend to go to these kind of parties and when drunk,they could not jus meet the outcome like what has now
happened.partiying culture has slowly got into our lives mainly due to we cannot jus stop them.the point is we should know our far as me concerned, closing discoquethes is not a solution , but closing the bars can be considered.but before closing the bars in a star hotel,the govt should close their liquour shops "TASMAC".will they do it?

Saturday, September 17, 2005

sania mirza and her mini skirt

The attire of the tennis player sania mirza has created controversies among the muslim community.when a star tries to reach the skies, she is brought down by these kinds of remarks. only bcos sania is a muslim girl has created havoc among so called muslim clerics who had warned her not to wear such dress.i find these kind of fatwas disgusting rather then her dress.if wearing mini skirts in public is a wrong thing for muslim women why dont these people cant oppose those who wear vulgur costumes in cinema.atleast sania can bring laurels by winning titles,but what are the women in cinema can contribute to the society,other than spoiling the minds of people

Thursday, September 01, 2005

its been a long time since i blogged. whenever we come across something new thats also interesting we show a lot of interest,but as time flies we lose interest in it and there is also something or the other which we come across as a new interest.thats what happened when i started blogging . i created my profile with a lot of interest and registered my ideas in my blog and suddenly i lost interest and that period of time was something which was vague not interested in anything,things like that. at those times i just read some quotes like,

"Anything that makes you weak physically,intellectually and spiritually reject it as poison"

Friday, August 05, 2005


Friendship day is around the corner.the word "friend",means a lot to me. friends are the only people who care more about us apart from the fact that they are not related to us.i am so lucky to have a friend like that.u know we come across many friends in our life,the friend during our first day in school,friends in our middle school,high school and friends in our locality.friends are always there in all parts of our life.but mostly as we grow, we jus lose touch with them,and in due course we find a new friend and life goes on. but there is always a friend, who jus come into life like magic,spread her/his love in our life and is always there when we want them the most. such a friend is there in everyones life and such a friend is there for me.she is a distant cousin,but we grew together.we are of same age,we did different schooling and different colleges.but she is the one who knows everything abt me the goods and the bads,the joys and sorrows.she is there in every part of my life and she is in my heart forever. we share our views abt everything under the sun. when a friend becomes something more than a friend, such as a mother when we are under emotional pressure, as a sister, as a philosopher ,as everything in our life,then she is the one for us.thats what friendship is .i luv my cousin who is more than a friend to me.the thought that she is there for me ,when nobody is ,gives me the strength to overcome any kind of obstacles in life. i hope everyone out there has a friend like her.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Arranged marriages

i always wonder why in the whole world india is still the most affected due to intercaste,inter religion clashes.these obstacles can be overcome when the real people in india realise that secularism is not only for the country ,it should be practised by the older days (may be 50 years back)people were not much prone to this advancement in science and in those days people did not really come forward and move freely in the society.women were not allowed to come out of their houses and were not free to move among men.but now women have advanced a lot,they come out for studies ,they work and they lead a good life.but when the term marriage comes about almost seventy five percent of the parents think that their children should marry the person who they arrange by means of caste,religion and very importantly by astrology.the parents want their children to excel in studies,in job,in knowledge.these can be attained only when the children come out and move with the they get a chance to meet many people.they are free to think and they are capable to choose their life partners,but they are not allowed to do very rural areas in the country,even in this century there are clashen taking place between different caste people when there an intercaste marriage takes is pity to hear and see these things.i know it will take time for the older gen to accept things like things,but for how long.the main reason the parents do not support the intercaste marriages is that they fear their society.they have to come out of these things.things are moving fast and we must adapt ourselves to the changing times,without affecting is high time people care for others and the society only for the good reasons,not for their pride and honour alone.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

தமிழ் நண்பர்களுக்கு

உலகம் முழுவதும் உள்ள தமிழ் நண்பர்களே இதே போல் நீங்களும் தமிழில் எழுத ஆசையா?சுரதா . காம் சென்று பயன் பெறுங்கள்.

Go to, under suratha's you can find unicode2tab, in that page use Romanised to unicode, in that page whatever you write in english is being converted to tamil fonts and a guide text is also given.all the best.

வாழ்க தமிழ் வளர்க தமிழ்.

Friday, July 29, 2005

it has been raining 94 cms for the past three days in mumbai and the city is floating with water has been a record rainfall for the past100 years.there is no electricity for the past three days .people who left their home to office cannot return home since last night.people are homeless and starving and stranded.children cannot return has come into action in these areas rescuing people providing relief materials and we can actually see many people whose houses were not much affected stand at their doorsteps and provide tea, food and biscuits to those affected.there has many landslides around maharashtra and as many hundreds is a sad irony that we people in chennai are suffering from water scarcity and praying for rain while mother nature pours her grace more than enough in mumbai city sinking her.we hope things come back to normal

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

"Angels and Demons"

i jus finished reading dan brown's "Angels and demons" for the second time . i jus have no words to explain the experience of reading the book .it was absolutely awesome and a very very interesting book to read. i jus could not believe that the author could take such a freedom to write such things that has created some controversy among catholics mainly due to his book "The Davinci Code". being a non christian even i could not jus digest his creative mind going to such a extent by setting the novel's main theme as may be jesus could have fathered a child. anyway both those books have been a very great treat to me . i jus could not keep the book down while reading. those were awesome. i have even read the other two books "digital fortress'
and the other one. i am eagerly waiting for his next book to read

Monday, July 25, 2005


i jus could not accept things that are going around london .first there were terrorist attack on innocent people and even before the london police could jus realise whats happening and when the prime minister is jus making speech and showing the terrrorists that the world people is against them and blah blah , there is another attack and then the killing of a innocent man by the london police and then apologising for it.i jus cannot understand these thing.we as indians undergo terrorist attacks on a daily basis in kashmir and lot of people are killed but there are not condemned by world leader (even they knew who is the reason behind this) . we are the worst affected country by terrorism but we are not given adequate support by the world countries .anyway how can we expect those things when countries like US support the country
which plan the terrorist attacks on kashmir is high time that world countries should come together and curb terrrorism.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

the case of imrana

hi guys out there i just want to discuss abt the latest case of imrana who was allegedly raped by her father in is a shocking thing to hear but what is more shocking is that she was told by her local religious head that since she was raped by her father in law(this word does not carry the meaning in this case)she has to treat her husband as her son and she should live with her in
law according to their religious law.this is the most disgusting thing to hear.even the people belonging to her religion are hating this kind of approach but they are afraid to oppose the fatwa.
some people say that she is lying.but the real controversy is not whether she is lying or not,but how could such a verdict can be issued against her.even her husband is not accepting this fatwa he wants to live with her but they are afraid .it is so embarassing to hear these kind of things in a secular country like is a shame that the local politicians also support the so called verdict.