Wednesday, July 27, 2005

"Angels and Demons"

i jus finished reading dan brown's "Angels and demons" for the second time . i jus have no words to explain the experience of reading the book .it was absolutely awesome and a very very interesting book to read. i jus could not believe that the author could take such a freedom to write such things that has created some controversy among catholics mainly due to his book "The Davinci Code". being a non christian even i could not jus digest his creative mind going to such a extent by setting the novel's main theme as may be jesus could have fathered a child. anyway both those books have been a very great treat to me . i jus could not keep the book down while reading. those were awesome. i have even read the other two books "digital fortress'
and the other one. i am eagerly waiting for his next book to read

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Lee said...

Hi- haven't read the books, but isn't it such a great feeling to have one you anxiously look forward to the time when you are going to read it? The good ones we like don't come along that often-enjoy! take care, Lee