Saturday, July 16, 2005

the case of imrana

hi guys out there i just want to discuss abt the latest case of imrana who was allegedly raped by her father in is a shocking thing to hear but what is more shocking is that she was told by her local religious head that since she was raped by her father in law(this word does not carry the meaning in this case)she has to treat her husband as her son and she should live with her in
law according to their religious law.this is the most disgusting thing to hear.even the people belonging to her religion are hating this kind of approach but they are afraid to oppose the fatwa.
some people say that she is lying.but the real controversy is not whether she is lying or not,but how could such a verdict can be issued against her.even her husband is not accepting this fatwa he wants to live with her but they are afraid .it is so embarassing to hear these kind of things in a secular country like is a shame that the local politicians also support the so called verdict.


Lee said...

Hi- so sorry to hear about this- I think it is such a twisted idiology that men there must have to treat woman this way- and the obvious power that they have over everyone- I do not know much abou the politics there- but thisisi a sad case indeed- the poor girl- I feel for her and i think it is a hideous law-it is good yo post it so others cna see what is going on- take care, priorites/Lee

Lee said...

PS- don't mind my spelling errors- it is my hands-[ problems]Lee