Monday, July 25, 2005


i jus could not accept things that are going around london .first there were terrorist attack on innocent people and even before the london police could jus realise whats happening and when the prime minister is jus making speech and showing the terrrorists that the world people is against them and blah blah , there is another attack and then the killing of a innocent man by the london police and then apologising for it.i jus cannot understand these thing.we as indians undergo terrorist attacks on a daily basis in kashmir and lot of people are killed but there are not condemned by world leader (even they knew who is the reason behind this) . we are the worst affected country by terrorism but we are not given adequate support by the world countries .anyway how can we expect those things when countries like US support the country
which plan the terrorist attacks on kashmir is high time that world countries should come together and curb terrrorism.

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