Monday, August 01, 2005

Arranged marriages

i always wonder why in the whole world india is still the most affected due to intercaste,inter religion clashes.these obstacles can be overcome when the real people in india realise that secularism is not only for the country ,it should be practised by the older days (may be 50 years back)people were not much prone to this advancement in science and in those days people did not really come forward and move freely in the society.women were not allowed to come out of their houses and were not free to move among men.but now women have advanced a lot,they come out for studies ,they work and they lead a good life.but when the term marriage comes about almost seventy five percent of the parents think that their children should marry the person who they arrange by means of caste,religion and very importantly by astrology.the parents want their children to excel in studies,in job,in knowledge.these can be attained only when the children come out and move with the they get a chance to meet many people.they are free to think and they are capable to choose their life partners,but they are not allowed to do very rural areas in the country,even in this century there are clashen taking place between different caste people when there an intercaste marriage takes is pity to hear and see these things.i know it will take time for the older gen to accept things like things,but for how long.the main reason the parents do not support the intercaste marriages is that they fear their society.they have to come out of these things.things are moving fast and we must adapt ourselves to the changing times,without affecting is high time people care for others and the society only for the good reasons,not for their pride and honour alone.


Kaps said...

thanks for visiting my blog. things are changing pretty fast and more parents are now open to love marriages.

i think it will take some time for this to change. by the time the next generation takes over, love marriages will be as common as arranged marriages and arranged marriages will not be the default option for anybody.

Balaji S Rajan said...

Every thing has its own ups and down. Our country has its rich tradition and culture. We will appreciate it only when we come abroad. I have thought about this many times. For generations people in our country have not travelled. My brother-in-law used to say often, that travelling will give more exposure to everyone. Things will change. We need a great heart to accept. Now it is in the form of Caste, Creed, religion. Later it will be in the form of Status. You are a PH.D , How could you think of a Post-graduate. The culture cannot change just like that. It takes generations. I really doubt whether it could happen that fast. Also, there is nothing wrong in listening to our parents with mixture of our taste. That is what we did. Probably I may not force my children. Let us wait and see whether they will atleast inform us.