Friday, August 05, 2005


Friendship day is around the corner.the word "friend",means a lot to me. friends are the only people who care more about us apart from the fact that they are not related to us.i am so lucky to have a friend like that.u know we come across many friends in our life,the friend during our first day in school,friends in our middle school,high school and friends in our locality.friends are always there in all parts of our life.but mostly as we grow, we jus lose touch with them,and in due course we find a new friend and life goes on. but there is always a friend, who jus come into life like magic,spread her/his love in our life and is always there when we want them the most. such a friend is there in everyones life and such a friend is there for me.she is a distant cousin,but we grew together.we are of same age,we did different schooling and different colleges.but she is the one who knows everything abt me the goods and the bads,the joys and sorrows.she is there in every part of my life and she is in my heart forever. we share our views abt everything under the sun. when a friend becomes something more than a friend, such as a mother when we are under emotional pressure, as a sister, as a philosopher ,as everything in our life,then she is the one for us.thats what friendship is .i luv my cousin who is more than a friend to me.the thought that she is there for me ,when nobody is ,gives me the strength to overcome any kind of obstacles in life. i hope everyone out there has a friend like her.

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Lee said...

HI- thanks for stopping by- what a lovely post about friends...take good care, Lee