Thursday, October 20, 2005


i finished reading the book "kuttravaali" by vaasanthi. There are two characters which impressed me a,an elderly brahmin widow.she thinks of the day when her husband dies when she was ten.she didnt even remember her hubby's face.but she is declared a widow,who is not supposed to go out,head shaven and prisoned in her home for more than half a decade.when her head is shaved for the first time,the barber cries and pities her a lot.for that the woman answers"can u take me with u to ur house".he gets shocked and cries again.after a few visits,he gets used to it and slowly his pitiness fades away and the ritual becomes a habit.and she remains that way her reminds me of ourselves.when we see crimes around us in the name of religion,caste or anything,we arise our voices against them but for how many days? we jus see our own probs and then get away with our life.why is this?
the other character is a young girl,who is not physically fit to bear a child.though she is well qualified and has a good job,everyone who meets her questions her marital status."did u go to a doc?,why dont u take a treatment, this and that".she asks "this is my body and i like it as it is?why are u bothered?".she could not tolerate their ideas that"sakthiyum sivanum inaivathu than iyarkai. nee pen endral adipadai thaguthi vendum.illavitall nee poojyam.irupathum,illathathum ondruthan".she asks them"ethu pooranathvum?ethu kurai? evanodaiya vamsathaiyo perukka thaguthi irupathu than pooranathvuma?" these lines have arised questions in me also.What is completeness?


Balaji S Rajan said...

Your review seems to be good. I should try to get those books when I visit India next week. It is pitiable in those days, for young widows and Mottai. They are bygones. But still I know half a dozen pattis who became widows when they were young. Regarding the other story... Pooranthuvam....sounds to be good from the women's liberation side. All these have happened in Western World 75 years ago. This is one of the area where South (India) has to develop. It is a deep topic. Cannot pass any comment now.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Shame on our society, culture..etc..etc.

1) On Brahmin Widows - I've argued several times with my parents about how they'd like to see their own parents like this...etc..etc.!! To some extent my parents were able to understand. I wonder when all these nonsense will stop. Mottais have stopped I think but a lot of other issues are still around.

I am for widows re-marriage. I am not for all these stupid beliefs in the name of culture.

2) Women without children - Another hear breaking nonsense. I can see so many girls who have suffered due to this where their husbands were actually had problems. Again Society crap, culture nonsense, people poke their heads. I am so happy to live here in the US..where people mind their own business...and I don't have to deal with nonsense!

Was I harsh.! Sorry..!!

Nenju porukkudhillaye...Nenju porukkudhillaye.!!

veda said...

thanks for ur comments narayan sir, things are changing a lot , i agree.but things would get better only when people learn to mind their own business without poking into other persons personal life.peole are jus hanging with these kind of stupid rituals and remarks only bcos of what other people would say.thats ridiculous of course and i pray god that things change soon