Monday, November 21, 2005


One of the person who has won the indian national bravery award this year is a girl aged around 15 years.The surprising fact is that she is awarded for she divorced her husband whom she married when she was a child.the girl hails from a remote village in Andra where child marriages are prevelant.she said in the interviewthat i watched in the ndtv news channel,that she is a victim of child marriage.she wanted to continue her studiesand she sought divorce from husband.i can imagine what kind of hurdles she would have and would be facing,to wage this war against child marriage and her right to get educated.but the sad part is now she has stopped studying since she has to feed her family of oldage parents,and two brothers.i could see the pain in her eyes,when she said this and i felt sorry for her.i would be happy if some social activist in that area help her withher studies. during this interview,there was another girl with her who is a friend of her studying 8th standard,and guess what?she is married and now going to school. is there no end to this problem?

நான் என் கண்களில் கனவுகளையோ,
என் நெஞ்சில் ஆசைகளையோ,
சுமக்க விரும்பவில்லை,
என் முதுகில் புத்தகங்களை
சுமக்க விரும்புகிறேன்.
யாராவது தயவு செய்து
பள்ளிக்கு அனுப்புங்கள்.


Anonymous said...

Results of the controversy : Kushboo and company

1. Pre Marital sex is here!. That's the truth. There is no denying it. That's the gist of what Kushboo said (not me!) Its NOT just metros or Mumbai or Delhi that the "pre marital sex" is happening. There are also extra maritals going on all over India

2. *Tamil Nadu is NO exception*. There are surveys that show that approx 40% of college students have had sex before marriage !!! Now please don't come back and tell me ONLY MEN had sex, and that too all by themselves...

3. Tamil movies have as much sex portrayed in them as bollywood movies. In fact there is a great competition there in showing more sex

4. What happens in Indian cities gets noticed and has a multiplier effect. It's soon followed by others in smaller towns and villages

5. The dress, the dance, the music... the cinema ... these have always moved from cities to towns to villages

6. So would this "sex" thing move to every place

7. Womens lib is calling this "freedom of expression" and *supporting Kushboo*

8. So to me it looks like Kushboo has a point. *Men who expect their wife to be a virgin are fools*


Balaji S Rajan said...

I hope everyone will understand at this point we are a country with so many illiterates. I listened to Churchill's speech show in BBC one day and became furious on hearing him saying that they were educating few millions of illiterates in this country. But later I realised that he was speaking the truth. As I have always been telling millions of such ladies should come up against the parents. Pengal adimaithanam ozhiya vendum. Pengaley pengalukku edhiri. I have heard many mothers scolding their daughters " Pombalai ponu kalyanam pannikittu adupankaraila irukkaravalukku...". First let ladies stop, pitying on others. If all those mothers had thought they could have stopped the girls getting married. Purappadu penney purappadu... Puratchi valarattum... Women should get exposed more. I do not think it will take long time for a better India if proper media exposure is given to such things instead of unwanted things.

வேதா said...

@ balaji,
thanks for your very detailed and meaningful comment.

Gopalan Ramasubbu said...

kavithai is really good Veda.

வேதா said...

thanks, and enna pazhaiya post ellam padikareengala:)