Thursday, December 15, 2005


Life brings us lots of surprises every moment. we may plan something to do but it may never happen. as people say "man proposes, god disposes". whatever we plan in our life, is not guaranteed to happen. dont think i am a pessimist. i am an optimist. i think positively, but i do know that expectations in all of its kinds gives us dissappointments. sometimes i used to think "hi whats this? what am i doing now? whats am i supposed to do? did i ever even think that i would be doing this in my life!" every day is a surprise and we should be ready to welcome it, sorrow or happiness whatever it is.

The art of living sucessfully,
consists of being able to hold
two opposite ideas in tension at the same time;
first, to make long-term plans,
as if we were going to live forever,
and second, to conduct ourselves daily
as if we were going to die tomorrow.
- Sydney J. Harris

அவரவர் பிராரப்தப்பிரகாரம் அதற்கானவன்
ஆங்காங்கு இருந்து ஆட்டுவிப்பன்;
என்றும் நடவாதது என் முயற்சிக்கினும் நடவாது;
நடப்பது என் தடை செய்யினும் நில்லாது;
இதுவே திண்ணம் ஆகலின்
மெளனமாய் இருக்கை நன்று!...
- ரமண மகரிஷி


Balaji S Rajan said...

As you said every day is a surprise and we should be ready to welcome it. We should learn to live life in a balanced way.

Ram said...

I too used to feel the same when i take some crucial decisions in my life, not only myself every human will feel the same i guess, but i always believe in my instincts rather than logically analysing the situation, so far so gud....

வேதா said...

thanks for coming by. leading a
balanced life is where the real challenge lies

believing in instincts is what i do when i cannot make a firm decision.but it dont work always, thats why i say "nadapathellam nalladhirke"

Ram said...

yep but the failiure rate for beleiving in instincts is much better than logical analysis, this is my opinion

வேதா said...

thanks for ur opinion ram.keep visiting