Tuesday, January 24, 2006


This is what sharukh had to say when he was asked about the ban of smoking in cinemas. he said in an interview, that many things in cinema like dancing on the roof of a train, dangerous stunts, jumping from heights etc., are dangerous, why only smoking?? if really the health ministry is so health conscious, stop making cigarattes in india(which is practically very impossible,i heard that in some country that cigarattes cost very much,may be we can apply that here, if the govt is really against smoking). i dont think this is a responsible answer given by a person, who is a famous idol, who has got a great number of fans,following each and every action of his in cinema. i agree that he got fed up answering this question for many a times, but will he blame the govt alone, when he finds his son starts smoking or will he advise him to stop it. being come to public life, that too in a field where people identify themselves with him and follow his actions, he must be more responsible in his stand. he might have atleast answered that he will try to avoid such scenes in future, not only smoking but also scenes involving alcohol, dangerous and illogical stunts(this applies to all cine actors).


Paurna said...

well veda i don't know whether u have seen this interview,but he once said that he started smoking following his parent's death and that he always dissuades others from doing the same.as u said he must have been fed up answering the question again and again.after all he had supported the decision initially.

as for our people following actors blindly i dont think actors are to blame.Why should our people be so foolish to adopt such things?Actors are doing their job.They aren't asking anyone to do the same.But the fanatics that our people are,they blindly do anything that their "thalaivar" does.

Ram said...

Our ppl dont do everything that a hero does in a movie, do they fight against criminals or rowdies etc. but they adopt only smoking right. The problem is not with the movies, it is with the audience and they should be matured enough to follow the good and skip the bad. One more reason to mention is that, girls(not all) look at guys who smoke and drink, some gals consider that as a style and many ppl whom i know started smoking for this reason i.e. gals shud look at them. I know that this will make u gals co crazy but thats the truth. I agree with Paurna in this regard. Banning such scenes in movies are not going to be of any use.

smiley said...

Cigarette industry is big money earning for the govt,the people who run it...As long as people smoke cigarettes we acnt stop this mega buck industry who sponsor major events...'The Insider' movie is an example. Shah Rukh Khan should realise that people take him as a role model and should support non smoking. Maybe he gets a share of the pie too.

வேதா said...

@ paurna,
yes i saw the interview, which led me to write the post, reasons can be given a plenty for doing a thing, but my concern is not abt his private life, which is not my business at all. we all have social responsibility, (i am not targeting him as a whole, i have mentioned in the las line of the post that it applies to all actors)
and persons who have come to public life, should have more social responsibility.but , as u said ,people should be blamed also.

@ ram,

pls read what i have said to paurna, and then u have mentioned some girls are attracted to boys who are smoking,etc., i am not sure whether thats true but if its true then they are immature to do such a thing, and those boys are more immature to heed to such things. banning is not what i try to say, the whole post is abt the actors' responsibility in cinema. they jus do it for style and they do not know how many illiterate, immature guys and girls follow that. they would consider it better.

@ smiley,
yes, stopping cigaratte production is really tough. non-smoking campaigns only can help

Ram said...

Yes veda i agree that actors have a social responsibility, but they shud do something to sell their movies right? and fans like them only if they exhibhit some styles and gimmiks with cigars. The fans will say that we smoke because they do in movies and it goes round and round. Regarding the girls matter i am sure that some girls(not all) are attracted to boys and i have heard with my own ears that they prefer stylish guys who ride bikes fast and smoke. Yes they are immatured but guys start this habit at an early stage and take it over till death. The boys are also to be blamed.
I think SRK shud have avoided saying "No Comments" in that interview.

வேதா said...

@ ram,
yes ram, as u said the actors jus think that they should sell their movies, thats what i am exactly saying, they should be more responsible.

TamilPonnu said...

Some ppl are influenced by movies etc.. but it's also an individual's choice to smoke or not smoke - Ppl do smoke and drink in real life.. why not show it in Movies. I dont mind either way... Movies gotta be realistic, right.. otherwise noone will be interested in them.