Friday, February 03, 2006


They eat,walk,run,breathe like us, but are we treating them as one of us? We tease them, laugh at them and run away from them. dont they deserve to live a normal life. i am talking about the people who live the most toughest life on earth, who is a mystery to themselves!. yes, they are the eunuchs.
we can see them everywhere around us, but are we treating themas normal beings? we can see them beg in shops, dressed in ladies'attire, with many pairs of eyes looking at them as though they belong in a circus. they are humiliated at no fault of theirs. when thesepeople realise that they are made like that by birth, when they transform into the opposite sex, the society hurts them by everyway they could. when a girls acts as a boy, she is encourged as "bravelike a boy" when it is viceversa, the boys are condemned as "dont act like a girl" and when this particular boy is really transforming into a girl, then the consequences are really bad, if he is not supported by the family. the boy tends to run away, in search of his real family and gets into lot of trouble and finally leading to what i told first, either begging inshops or into sexual vandalism. we should learn to treat them as one of us, as a human being. we can help them by helping them to study, get a job, thus to lead a normal life or atleast help them by talking to them as we talk to everyone.
They are not to be ignored,but to be noticed, in a better way. I have seen some of these people fighting back with the society and leading a normal life. The flowervendor who comes to our flats is one of that kind, we make it a point to buy flowers from him, though it is bit expensive than in the market, bcos we wanted to help him. so it is in our hands to help these persons to lead a normal anddecent life.

" இயற்க்கையின் தவறுக்கு

சிலுவை சுமக்கும்,


அன்பால் அரவணைப்போம்."

//iyaRkkaiyin thavaRukku

siluvai sumakkum,


anbal aravaNaippoom.//


unknown said...

its god mistake what they can do?
'EUNUCH'..i feel personally government should take steps to uplift their standard of living...
after reading most of the Blogs,i feel mankind is still in us...



Vijay Krishna said...

Good one, but I think we are still a long way away from genuinely accepting eunuchs as part of the society.

neighbour said...

They are not to be ignored,but to be noticed, in a better way....

yes this is one of the good thing to be noticed...

But nowadays their standards are uplifted step by step atleast little.. If I am not wrong one of them have been elected for Maharastra assembly.. it shows thier improvement in life standards.

வேதா said...

@ ammu,
thanks, as u said govt should take steps for their upliftment. and manithapimaanam is still there, which has to be brought out it its full form

thanks and keep visiting.

@ neighbour,
// one of them have been elected for Maharastra assembly.. it shows thier improvement in life standards.//
yes thats true, i heard abt it. and they are better treated in north india,thats why they prefer to go there.

Ram said...

Gud post i have been thinking of posting about this long back, but you did it before me, yes true that we treat them like some Animals. The tamil wordings were especially great and touching. They shud be given equal rights and the first step towards that shud' be they must be given some MLA/MLC(like some constituency has been alloted for minorities) post of any constituency which will give them a representative and voice to speak for. Whenever i travel by train and see such ppl i ll give them some money before they ask because i feel that they dont have any other means of income, even if theyre ready to work the society does not provide them with one. I am not showing off but wud like to say that all of us shud help them. Paavappatta jenmangal, kadavul thaan kaapathanum ivangala. Your flat flower vendor thing is a gud gesture and a starting point. Yes Veda theyre treated better in North India i have seen it for myself. We shud definitely change our attitude towards them.

ashok said...

nice to see u post very strong opinions...i agree

வேதா said...

thanks yaar. i have been thinking abt this for a long time, and suddenly there was a flow of thoughts and i posted it here. before giving them any constituency,first the govt should accept them as third sex, their prob starts at the very basic step of filling in a form,where they have to mention their sex. then only their probs can be solved.


Ram said...

Yes every govt. form shud have a 3 rd check box, coz they ve to fill the nomination form b4 contesting.

Rajesh said...

Nice blog.
I am not sure if the Eunuchs are ill-treated. Actually people are afraid of Eunuchs for their behaviour. This, the Runuchs have themselves to blame. They come in a group demanding money and curse you if you don't give everything in your pocket.

Unless one tries to behave properly in the society, especially when there is a difference from normal , it is difficult for them to be accepted by common people.

I feel that they will not be ridiculed, if they start acting normally and find a day job. There was a Eunuch in Vishu's Arattai Arangam long back. She spoke about this. But she agreed in her speech that people like her lack the motivation to be educated and be a part of the society. They just want to continue the liffestyle of their predecessors.

lotuyonotienenombre said...
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lotuyonotienenombre said...

why a third sex is needed? i don´t know too much about eunuchs, but i wonder if they feel they are some kind of third sex or just as women, as do most of the male to female transexuals.

வேதா said...

@ rajesh,
thanks for coming by. i agree that eunuchs come in groups and demand money. but only a few do that and wont continue for a long time. i have seen many of them leading decent life. the govt must ensure to help them in all ways. i wont agree that eunuchs prefer to continue the life style as their predecessor. i have read abt many who have come up in life and help others who are like them. they all say that the govt should help them in education and career. people are really not afraid of them, they feel embarrased talking to them. we should change this mentality, which will help them to realise that they are no different from others.

@ lotuyonotienenombre ,
thanks for visiting. though eunuch prefer to be treated themselves as women, there is a need to introduce the fact as third sex, bcos in our country we face these probs for reservation in education,jobs etc. i dont think u can understand the atmosphere in our society,( where are u from actually? i didnt understand a word in ur blog)

Ravi said...

Veda, you have touched upon a much 'attention-deserving' topic (again!). I do pity them - no doubt but I guess the eunuchs should also do something about changing their image. More than mocking at them, many people dread the sight of eunuchs for the troubles they cause. Instead of begging and forcefully get money from people, they should try to project a different image and I think government and people should also do their bit to educate, employ eunuchs so as to make them acceptable.

வேதா said...

@ ravi,
thanks and u have mentioned good points. i am happy that many are around to understand the social issues and discuss.

Delhi_tamilan said...

your post just reminded me of a show that i watched on discovery last sunday, it is called Discover india. The leading lady in it who is a foreigner was in mumbai to discover india. The way she was talking/dealing with eunuchs was something marvelous. She was interacting with them as her own friend/sister and she almost spend her entire day with them, visited their house (poor they live in slum areas), danced with them, had dinner with them. She also reuqested them to take her to the marraiges ( i hope you know how important are eunuch's in marriages here in north). They all took her to a marriage, she weared one of eunuch's girl dress, danced with them and she did express her feeling to become one eunuch etc. More than the program that lady who carried on that program impressed me very much...