Friday, March 10, 2006

blog - boon or bane

This is the topic for voice ur views in,
the hindu.
my opinion is ofcourse, blogging is a boon to me.
Blogging helped me in rediscovering my writing skills. it is a platform where i can publish my own
thoughts, as if its my journal. Here we have no editing, no censors(of course to a certain extent),lot of healthy arguements,lot of fights. its like a "kaiyezhuthu prathi" to everyone. after becoming a blogger,i started writing poems after a long period, which help me to refine my language skills and my imaginative brings together,people with common taste and it helps people living out of india, a chance to live in india thro blogs and ofcourse helps to find a lot of friends. so i luv blogging, how abt u?


Raju said...

Well said, Veda.. I love blogging. It is a very good recreation and helps me give some job to my gray cells to think different and creative.

Rajesh said...

Namma pasanga kitta "I love blogging how about you nnu choice ellam kudukadheenga.

It reminds me of a friend who was approached by a girl with this question "Unakku Steffi pudikuma, Sabatini pudukumma" His reply was "enakku unna thaan pudikkum". They are living happily together now.


neighbour said...

idhu varamae...

idhu varaaikum semester examas thavira ethayum eluthaatha naan ivalavu elutharathuku karanam indha blog site thaan..
I felt happy to express my opinions franky and have views of others on my opinion.

Ram said...

True Veda, improving my poor english was the primary reason i started blogging, apart from all you have said it is growing into a powerful media nowadays

ambi said...

This is boon only. i was searching to have a remedy from my hectic routine.
coz of blogging, i re-energized myself as i was in my schooling, cllge days.

itha bane nu soona antha bekka 18 varusham Orre vittu thalli vaikiren. :)

Jeevan said...

I should tell that Blogging changed my life. I have experienced without friends for 5 years to share my thoughts and feelings, after writing blogs I got many good friends. I was very poor in reading, after reading the blogs, my English knowledge have developed. I have also written to Hindu Voice your View, we can see they are put my post or not.

ashok said...

LOL @ rajesh

ada-paavi!!!! said...

blogging is a good thing, i started because i was unemployed, but i do agree that it does have its downsides

Known Stranger said...

it helps me to know how different characterised people are here and to keep me always feel there are talented people and i stand no where to reach theirs.

unknown said...

its really boon..
place to show our talents without any obstacles..
sila pera parkarappo i envy on them how come they are writing like this..chanceye illa

smiley said...

It is a boon, where else can I be a publisher and write stupid things and still have people to read and comment :)

Harish said...

fully agreed veda
Its the only creative space in an otherwise monotonous world
Also its a nice gateway to meet people..learn about them..laugh at their stupidness..weep for their sorrows..
Vaazhga Technology :-)

Usha said...

Blog is how I got to know others in the cyberspace :) Well, I didnt really know there are a host of others in the net consoling/teasing/encouraging/suggesting others who they dont know, yet forming a network where you feel that you do know the other person..isn't that nice?

வேதா said...

point well taken, enuganna ipdi engayavathu solli maatikita anubhavama?

logic said...

Its a boon.
Common plateform to express our feelings.
And healthy arguments over them.

வேதா said...

true,makes us creative.
u r rite,it is indeed bcoming a powerful media.
all the best, lets hope ur views get published in hindu.
ofcourse its nice.
yeah interesting:)
vaazhga technology, valarga blogulagam!
well i can say that the darker side is 'getting obsessed with it'.
naatamai theerpa mathathe!
yen neengalum thaan nalla ezhuthareenga:)
danks, :)
hi come on u r very good at what u write, dont underestimste urself.
namma podra sandaiya vittutiye nanba! jus kidding yaar.