Thursday, March 30, 2006

Religious laws

The case of imrana (which by now has been forgetten by many ) had let the apex court to issue a notice last year, to the centre and to the All India Muslim Personal Law Board to restrain the board from establishing a parallel muslim judicial system. The fatwa issued by Darul-Uloom last year to Imrana was really disgusting. she was ordered to leave her husband and live with her father in law who has allegedly raped her. Many social activists and even many muslims opposed this and the controversy led to the issual of the above said notice by the apex court. The center has informed the supreme court on monday,that they are still looking into the matter and has sought some time from the court. A uniform civil law is what we require now, which will abolish all the existing religious laws in our country, whatever the religion may be. Even as the center is still looking into the matter! a person from west bengal has been ordered by a village moulvi to seperate from his wife jus bcos he uttered the word 'talaq' thrice in his sleep. but the person is wise enough to register his marriage in a sub divisional court after the moulvi's verdict.


Princess said...

very sad. Our laws really need a big change.

ambi said...

yeeh, i too eager to see a common civil law. pple use religion to escape from the clutches of law.
athellam seri, neenga eppo BBC la sendheengooo? sollaveee ella...:)

Gopalan Ramasubbu said...

Uniform Civil Code is not possible coz our major parties like Congress,Communist,SP,etc consider Muslims as minority vote banks.They won't do anything against them or their belief.In DMK's election manifesto they promised reservation for Muslims.i guess it'll divide people of this country.

Usha said...

ennanga kenathanama iruku? Ulagame, nee manidharai mirugamai matruvadheno?

neighbour said...

oorae onnakita arasiyal vaadhigaluku enna velai..

even if there is one common civil law it will different for rich and poor..

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Ravi said...

Veda, the question which came to my mind after reading your post :
How did the village moulvi come to know what the man uttered in his sleep???!!! Pretty strange huh??

Jeevan said...

The government and religious law should re-correct there rules. there are some issues like imrana, have not come out.

வேதா said...

yes, we need a change.
naan eppayo join paniten:) do u want any recomendation,ungala suntv newls vena sethu viduren.:)
minority reservation is certainly a threat to country's secularism.
aiyo,romba feel panreenga:)
yes u r rite.
enakkum antha santhegam thaan.
yes we need to bring out the social issues,irrespective of caste or money.

ashok said...

who was evesdropping the sleeping man..poor guy! he has to put bandaid in his mouth from now on wen he sleeps....

@usha..dialogue ellam romba balama irukku!

Ram said...

The mamanaar should be given some torturous punishment for doing such a thing but instead these crazy lunatics are asking the poor woman to live with him, how is this possible? Ivanungala maadhiri aalunga irukkavarakkum namma naadu thirundhave mudiyaadhu, !@#$%^&*< pasanga :-(

smiley said...

India is a land of diversity... but as u say we can get it under a common law...mebbe wishful thinking

vishy said...

enna law pottu enna use... its a shame that we need such laws...

people should be true to themselves...

shree said...

wierd cases do happen in muslim law. but common law - konjam kashtam dhaan.

unknown said...


வேதா said...

nalla idea:)
correcta sonna,'@#$%$%$' pasanga.
lets hope the wishful thinking bcomes a reality.
thirudana paathu thiruntha vitaal thirutai vozhika mudiyathu.:(
konjam kashtam illa, romba kashtam.
kodumai thaan.