Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Raising the height of the Narmada dam in Gujarat, has been facing a lot of difficulties and controversies for a long time. The dam has been raised from 110 metres to 113 metres. The narmada bachao andolan(NBA) which is headed by Medha Patkar for the rehabilition of the people affected by this project has pointed out that more than 35,000 families still remain to be rehabilitated. now, the leader of NBA and two others have gone on fasting for a week. As per supreme court orders, the displaced families should be resettled atleast six months in advance of raising the dam height. but the interim report of the monitoring agency set by the maharashtra govt, has stated that a considerable number of people have not been rehabilitated. people lives really gets devastated when they are thrown out of their land, that too without any proper rehabilition or resettlement.Ms.Patkar has rightly said that "You cannot have handful of people take decisions without the participation of those affected and those asked to sacrifice their all."


Gopalan Ramasubbu said...

Arundhati Roy ithai pathi(NBA) super article eluthi irukanga,Outlook la iruku padinga.

/* the interim report of the monitoring agency set by the maharashtra govt*/

It should be Gujarat Govt rite?

NaiKutti said...

first time here... good to see a blog on the NBA... finally after 9 days of hunger strike the NBA is grabbing some attention from the mainstream media...

rehabiliation is one big issue and the claims of the dam is another farce... if u feel strongly for this issue, i would suggest you to go through this petition and sign it and call/fax if possible!.. here it is

its a pity that the state govt. particularly gujarat (even after SC orders, and World Bank withdrawing from the project) is pushing for it without respecting the social and human rights of the people living there!

Jeevan said...

Hope Medha Patkar’s hunger strike will give a good result for the people who are all affected by Narmada dam.

ashok said...

nice to see u take up important social issues in ur blog...

Usha said...

Ellam saridhan, but somehow enaku indha fasting-nala enna use-nu puriya mattengudhu. It is not that the govt does not know that they wouldnt go on a hunger-to-death strike.

ambi said...

Fasting ellam gandhi kaalathuku thaan seri padum...
btw, //Ms.Narmada has rightly said that //
it should be medha patkar not narmadha correct? nadhi ellam pesaa arambichaa, naari poidum naama pozhappu...

enna veda, sarakku adichuttu bloggedaa? gujarataa maharashtranu solreengoo? jus kidding.

vishy said...

Veda.. basically dam kattina sila perukku labam.. kattalana sila perukku labam..

now govt will always try to build something.. so that they can say we built it..

next govt will come and demolish it and say we demolished it..

pathi neram.. these statemen waste their time in opposing the govt and pin pointing their mistakes nad praising their achievements.. it would be great if only they deviseda good solution after proper analysis.. and the opposition can do this.. rather than criticising the govt..

வேதா said...

/* the interim report of the monitoring agency set by the maharashtra govt*/
thats right,yaar. i read it in hindu.
welcome here. u r rite, the govt
doesnt care abt the people who are going to be affected by this.
i hope so.
thanks and i think we bloggers can take up some general issues like this apart from our usual stuff.
intha fastingnala govt oru fear kandipaa irukkum. after 8 days of hunger strike, Ms.patkar was forcibly taken to the hospital yesterday night. she didnt start this hunger strike all of a sudden. after so many protests,vera vazhiyillama she went into this.
gandhian way of protesting still has a great effect.but it make some time to get reaction thats all. sarakka? ada-paavigala? oru nalla ponna pathu ipdi solteenga.
dam kattinalum, kattlenalum nashtam makkaluku thaan:(

Paurna said...

hi veda.long time since i visited ur blog.good post on narmada.but ultimately it all comes down to zilch.for the time being the govt prevailed.they gave her the drips.what surprises me is that despite such opposition and several reports terming this project hazardrous to the environment the gujrat govt still want to go on with the project

mysorean said...

The only post I could manage to read and understand. Good one! Raising the dam height is also necessary while rehabilitating the affected is also equally necessary! I hope the concerned parties take up the matter with the necessary seriousness!