Wednesday, May 24, 2006

friends - easier to make, tougher to maintain.

friends can be of two types. one, who is truly a friend to us, who can be depended on at anytime, anyplace eventhough we are not in touch for a long time. second, one who is always around us but not very close to us. when i was in college, after a year in college i found out that the two friends who i relied upon as close werent as close as i thought.

this happened during my first year final exams. after writing the first exam, i found out that i am not going to pass the paper. i totally broke down to tears, since i used to score good till then. i searched for my friends for some consoling words. they were discussing within themselves abt the paper. ofcourse it was tough for them also but they were sure to pass. when i approached them, they found out abt my performance, but they didnt say a consoling word. i was standing there along their side,my eyes flooded with tears with them while they were still discussing. and they realised i was upset, jus said ok usha, shall we go? that second i found out, i am standing alone .

i remembered the words my senior told me when we were arguing abt friendships. i told him that everyone has a close friend, who will be for us forever. he told me , no thats not possible.

suddenly, i found out that maybe thats true. but within the next few minutes i found out no, its not true. only my friends were not true to me, but i was true and friendly to them till now(but now they are really good friends to me). what really happened on that day was a lesson to me, bcos i found out that there are really times, where i have to stand alone and face it. after my friends talked to me that way, i jus could not take two failures at a time, when suddenly a class mate of mine approached me. he said," why r u crying? its ur fault that u didnt prepare. see naanga ellam azharoma enna? athanala ozhunga adutha exam pathi yosika arambi"

i realised two things, one , its my fault that i didnt prepare, second, boys can also be good friends. another incident was when we planned for a one day trip to mahabalipuram. i was ready to go. i asked my friends abt their plan. they said their families wont allow. so i told them ok i am going. then they gave me a look like 'r u a friend to us?' i realised that they didnt want me to go. so when i told my other classmates that i wont be coming, bcos my family wont allow, they didnt believe. they knew that my parents werent that conservative.

my parents knew abt my friends both boys and gals. so they gave me a 'we knew it' look and so the trip went on without me. i totally got angry when my friends asked me 'why didnt u go?' i wanted to shout 'well, its bcos of u two' but restrained from doing so. i also found out that one of the two friends chose to hide from me the news that she was in luv with somebody, that too for past five years. the news reached me after the whole class knew abt it. i got enraged'ok thats the limit' i asked her face to face abt it. she told me that since i had once said that i dont believe in this luv stuff, she hide it from me. 'how could u?' i told her. she said,'sorry' and left as if nothing happened.

really the two years in college taught me a lot of things. there was one more incident that took place in my class. there were two girls in my class whose mother tongue was not tamil. i dont want to mention the language. these people have a tendency to switch over to their mother tongue suddenly, when they dont want us to understand what they are saying. this is a common tendency i have seen particularly in those people(not only in college). these two girls usually travel in the same route with me and my two close friends. one day they particularly started avoiding us saying that they have some notes to be photocopied.

so we went on without them. next day we somehow found out that they have indeed xeroxed some very important papers that would help us to score high in exams(which was actually given to them by our lecturer for the whole class). they chose to keep them by themselves.

we were totally enraged over their selfishness. i could not tolerate these kind of things. i usually have the tendency of asking anything face to face,regardless of who the person is? i told them we were ashamed to have friends like them and how they degraded themselves by such a act.

everytime i manage to find a good friend and when the relationship goes well, something happens and thatsall i am forgotten by the friend. it happened to me always. when i realise someone as a good friend, i can jus do anything for them. thats my tendency. so most of my friends used me and dumped halfway. i will feel like i am a fool, i could not take these kind of relationships. maybe i didnt have the luck of getting good friends. maybe i am expecting too much of truth from my friends. but inspite of all these bitter experiences i managed to have some really good friends. and only one close friend, my cousin anamika.

Friday, May 19, 2006

tagged again

tagged by gops

  • 1.Grab the book nearest to you, turn on page 18 and find line 4.
  • Ans. 'collect my thoughts, I bet daniel can help us out'.
  • 2.Stretch your left arm out as far as you can.& catch air?
  • Ans. yes, caught air.
  • 3. What is the last thing you watched on TV?
  • Ans. news in ndtv
  • 4. Without looking, guess what time it is?
  • Ans. 7:15am
  • 5. Now look at the clock, what is the actual time?
  • Ans. 7:20 am
  • 6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
  • Ans. tv
  • 7.When did you last step outside? What were you doing?
  • Ans. not yet.
  • 8.Before you started this survey, what did you look at?
  • Ans. tv.
  • 9.What are you wearing?
  • Ans. churidhar.
  • 10.When did you last laugh?
  • Ans. 10 minutes bfore.
  • 11.What is on the walls of the room you are in?
  • Ans. tubelight, clock,a monthly calender, a split a/c.
  • 12.Seen anything weird lately?
  • Ans. yes, hrithik roshan singing and dancing for a tamil song(krish)that was really weird
  • 13.What do you think of this quiz?
  • Ans. interesting stuff.
  • 14.What is the last film you saw?
  • Ans. chitiram pesudhadi
  • 15. If you became a multimillionaire overnight, what would you buy?
  • Ans. a big house, a business to run, a car and if possible an aeroplane:).
  • 16.Tell me something about you that I dunno
  • Ans. no, i wont.
  • 17.If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?
  • Ans. stop deforesting and stop pollution.
  • 18.Do u like to Dance
  • Ans. Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss .
  • 19. Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?
  • Ans. shreeshakti or shreethulasi
  • 20 Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?
  • Ans. shreevishnu or shreekrishna.
  • 21.Would you ever consider living abroad?
  • Ans. maybe for sometime not my lifetime.
  • 22.What do you want GOD to say to you when you reach the pearly gates?
  • Ans. yes u made it:)

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

welcome anamika

hi friends, i would like to introduce my very dearest friend, anamika to this blogger world. she is a distant cousin, but very close friend of mine. hope u find her blog interesting.

Friday, May 12, 2006

thatha in, amma out

The new government has arrived, as AMMA leaves the fort. Now,this election as i said before is indeed an interesting one. Though the trend was in favour of AMMA in the begining, as THATHA started campaigning in full swing along with his newly found varisu dayanidhi maran(stalin-ku orey pugachala irukum, intha vishayathula stalin,azhagiri onnu senthurupanga), and also the freebies announced slowly changed the trend. And the competition got tight in announcing the freebies.

But AMMA degraded herself when she announced freebies like 10 kilos of rice free,etc..(the fact that she announced these freebies as a retaliation to THATHA's announcement certainly degraded her).

Though DMK has won the elections, it is important to note that they did not win as a single party, but only with many alliances. In that case, AIADMK has retained many places. and also importantly, chennai which was called DMK's fort has lost many seats to AIADMK. So even though AMMA lost the elections, its a decent loss to her.

And ofcourse the emerging of captain is also an important issue in this election. He won in vridachalam(arjun are u happy? i mentioned:)) i voted for AIADMK( gops neenga keetinga illa? ), but the candidate did not win in our constituency.:(

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Tamilnadu has recorded a 70% voter percentage in this election which is higher in recent times. In one way, we can say that this election has sparked interest in public and awareness to 'right to vote',has been spread in recent years. but still the percentage should have been more higher.

There are many reasons behind this. most of the people who did not vote really wanted to vote but could not, due to several reasons. my father was a polling officer in one booth and he could not cast his vote, since the option of casting vote thro postal service was not made available. The method was not established properly. most of the polling officers or presiding officers did not vote, inspite of their wish to vote. They were not guided properly. Most of them suggested that the government should atleast let them vote in the respective booths where they were posted. secondly,many old-age people did not vote.

In my apartment complex itself, more than 3 elder people cannot vote, including my 85 year old grandma, who could not travel. Earlier,political party agents used to provide vehicles for old people. Next come the younger generation in tamil nadu,who live out of the state. How many of them make it as a point to take leave and vote?.(when the voter id applications were distributed, i could see many youngsters apply. most of them wanted the voter id as an address proof while applying for passport) They would have cast their vote, if this postal voting option was made easy to approach,instead of making them run from pillar to post.

some of the absentees were persons who were enjoying their summer vacation, outside the state or outside their constituency, making it an excuse for not casting vote. Last, but not the least, the upper class people(the polling booth, where my father was posted, saw only 50% turn-out, where the people belonged to the upper class). So the government, instead of blaming people can atleast make the arrangements easier to approach, so that a citizen can cast his vote without any difficulties, even though he is out of the state.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


naluku naal veyil erikittey pora mathiri election feverum yerikitey porathu. enga paathalum prachara kootangal. avanavan medai pottu ethirkatchikaran vandavalathai thandavalathula ethuraan. ungaluku nejamaave intha arasiyal vathinga pathi theriyanumna, mudhala oru katchi kootathuku poitu, udaney adutha naal ethirkatchikaran kootum poduvaan, athukum poidanum.

adpdiye suntv,jayatv news paatha effect kedaikum. enakku therinju intha election romba interesting porathu. there is going to be a very tough competition. i received a mail containing information about the newly formed lok paritran and their canditates. i honestly have doubts of their winning in even in one constituency. dont feel that i am against their ideas. see, i live in the biggest constituency in the state. we have a very tough competition here.

thinamum enga areala thiruvizha kolam thaan. "podungama vottu retta elaiya paathu" apdinu oru periya urvalamey pogum, konja nerathuleye dmk urvalam pogum and also there are meetings held daily. on the other hand, the canditate representing lok paritran has not visited us even once. i came to know abt the canditate only thro the mail i received and from hindu. they didnt concentrate on campaigning. most of the people dont know abt this party. first of all they could not understand the name itself. the party did not concentrate well on door to door canvassing.

our present MLA belongs to dmk and has not visited us even once after he won elections.he knows that if contest from this constituency again, he cant even go for campaigning, thats why he escaped to contest from another constituency and our present counsellor from admk is nothing better than the MLA.

so most of the people here expect some really deserving canditates. it is a very good chance for the lok paritran if at all they were very good at canvassing. the most important is to reach the very low level people
whose votes count a lot. so as the election nears, the campaigning has reached its height, giving us more and more entertainment.:)