Friday, May 12, 2006

thatha in, amma out

The new government has arrived, as AMMA leaves the fort. Now,this election as i said before is indeed an interesting one. Though the trend was in favour of AMMA in the begining, as THATHA started campaigning in full swing along with his newly found varisu dayanidhi maran(stalin-ku orey pugachala irukum, intha vishayathula stalin,azhagiri onnu senthurupanga), and also the freebies announced slowly changed the trend. And the competition got tight in announcing the freebies.

But AMMA degraded herself when she announced freebies like 10 kilos of rice free,etc..(the fact that she announced these freebies as a retaliation to THATHA's announcement certainly degraded her).

Though DMK has won the elections, it is important to note that they did not win as a single party, but only with many alliances. In that case, AIADMK has retained many places. and also importantly, chennai which was called DMK's fort has lost many seats to AIADMK. So even though AMMA lost the elections, its a decent loss to her.

And ofcourse the emerging of captain is also an important issue in this election. He won in vridachalam(arjun are u happy? i mentioned:)) i voted for AIADMK( gops neenga keetinga illa? ), but the candidate did not win in our constituency.:(


Gopalan Ramasubbu said...

"En naadum, Naatu makkalum
naasamai povarkal" nu Balaiyavoda oru famous dialogue iruku,nethula irunthu athai thaan solitu iruken:(.athukaka nan AMMA supporterum illa

smiley said...

thatha in, amma out... i expected amma to stay. then in politics anything can happen. it was good that amma accepetd the verdict as people's wish. hopefully thatha will look after the state instead of taking revenge on amma

vishy said...

Emerging of captain nu sollaringa... avar katchila.. avar mattum dhan Jeichar.. what abt the rest of his party candidates??

wht ever be it... these days neither do the public care about the govt. (coz they know they r goin to get nothing) and nor do the parties care after the elections... ellam kali kalam.

Ravi said...

Veda, believe it or not : when I was about to visit your blog, I was thinking "Maybe Veda would've mentioned that thatha is in power" and to my surprise you put the same word for describing MK. Wow! What a way to go!

Yes, JJ need not have stooped so low and that too after criticising MK.

Ram said...

Yes...its decent loss to Amma and Vijaykanths vote bank 8.5% is a strong message to DMK/ADMK that people are fed with their age old policies/decisions...

By the way why u didnt approve my comments on ur previous post? was that harsh?


ambi said...

Mmm, i also guessed that veda will drop a post regarding this...(he, hee, naangalum ambi stylea oru post pottutoom illa!)

but it's a real win for captain standing alone bravely..

Arjuna_Speaks said...

Veda - he he - Captain made my day ? phew and what a day it was :)..

வேதா said...

nanum athe thaan solren:(

me too hope the same:(

kandipa emerging of captain. his party bagged the third place in most of the constituencies. he is ofcourse going to be a important man in politics.

critising is something she cannot resist.:)

i replied for ur comment yaar. it wasnt harsh. keep visiting:)

ok, neenga puthu post pottachu-nu solla vareenga. will visit;)

captain vaazhga:);)

My days(Gops) said...

edhu eppodi'O sonnadha seivaara namma thaatha? ...........
(thaatha kaalathuku appuram yaarunga aatchiku varuva? stalin'a> maaran'a?)

Bala.G said...

Karadi kutti TR, Aruva Nepolian ellaam thothutaangalaame

ashok said...

u r rite...amma announcing freebies tit for tat to thatha was a big letdown. It showed that she was equally stupid...

Jeevan said...

Amma vanthalum Thatha vanthalum enakonum kavalaiellai.

வேதா said...

thatha kaalathuku appuram, dmk dummy,athukapuram enga thalaivi atchiku vanthuduvaanga:)

napoleon thothathu enaku romba santhosham, enga thoguthila vonnum kizhikala avar.

yes, u r rite:)

yen, apdi solreenga? avlo virakthiya?

Syam said...

Thaatha sonnatha thaan seivar avar kudumbathuku....

Usha said...

ennamo po, kuzhandaithanama iruku polls ellam!