Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Tamilnadu has recorded a 70% voter percentage in this election which is higher in recent times. In one way, we can say that this election has sparked interest in public and awareness to 'right to vote',has been spread in recent years. but still the percentage should have been more higher.

There are many reasons behind this. most of the people who did not vote really wanted to vote but could not, due to several reasons. my father was a polling officer in one booth and he could not cast his vote, since the option of casting vote thro postal service was not made available. The method was not established properly. most of the polling officers or presiding officers did not vote, inspite of their wish to vote. They were not guided properly. Most of them suggested that the government should atleast let them vote in the respective booths where they were posted. secondly,many old-age people did not vote.

In my apartment complex itself, more than 3 elder people cannot vote, including my 85 year old grandma, who could not travel. Earlier,political party agents used to provide vehicles for old people. Next come the younger generation in tamil nadu,who live out of the state. How many of them make it as a point to take leave and vote?.(when the voter id applications were distributed, i could see many youngsters apply. most of them wanted the voter id as an address proof while applying for passport) They would have cast their vote, if this postal voting option was made easy to approach,instead of making them run from pillar to post.

some of the absentees were persons who were enjoying their summer vacation, outside the state or outside their constituency, making it an excuse for not casting vote. Last, but not the least, the upper class people(the polling booth, where my father was posted, saw only 50% turn-out, where the people belonged to the upper class). So the government, instead of blaming people can atleast make the arrangements easier to approach, so that a citizen can cast his vote without any difficulties, even though he is out of the state.


Arjuna_Speaks said...

Veda - c - that is the power of our Captain ;) - its because of him 70% of ppl voted.. :P - even if he doesnt get a seat - I am quite sure he wuld have given a tough fight..Namma Captain thaane sivarula painju painju adipaar :)

ambi said...

Aathula irunthee vote podalamnu oru scheme kondu vara padathaa?
he hee, how many gigidis casted their votes nra detail kudukkave illaiyee?

@arjuna, un lolluku oru alavae illayaa? vitta, TN police ellam captain kitta than training edukuthu solve polirukku.

Jeevan said...

Even the chief election commissioner Naresh Guptha dint put Vote. Did you put veda?

compare to last election, this time the polling percentage has incread 11%. The Election commission has put ramp fecelities for old and disable person in election booth, but no one can't use that because its very slide, even the wheel chare users get stress to climb on that that.

Gopalan Ramasubbu said...

nenga yaruku vote potenga?;)

vishy said...

hmm.. indha mari.. post padikkarache.. yaaru en kannathula ..oru arai vittamari thonum.. en kitta voter ID kood illa... NRI's ku ellam vote poda ethavathu vazhi irukka.. I came across some news about it.. but think it allwos them to vote when they in the country.. but US lendhu vote poda anumadichha super aah irukkum.

வேதா said...

ok,ok unga kashtam puriyuthu:)
//its because of him 70% of ppl voted//

//how many gigidis casted their votes nra detail kudukkave illaiyee?//
naresh gupta kitta stats ketruken, kudiya seekiram solliduvaru:)

i did vote jeev. did u vote?

athu election result vantha appuram solren;)

romba feel panatheenga. kudiya seekiram nri's votu poda yethavathu vazhi kandupidichutuvanga.

Usha said...

nee vera, old people ethitu poren pervazhi-ntu andhandha katchi transport anupi (vote-kaga) avangalai innum kodumai paduthiduvanga. Govt. panninalum immediate-a opposition-lerndhu edhirpu varum, venumte avanga vote vangardhukaga govt. pannudhu-ntu.

Bala.G said...

In Pondicherry, around 84% of ppl have casted their vote. I am a proud pondicherrian :).

Did u give any try for ur grandma to caste her vote??

Ram said...

I was also 1 of that 30%, i have to be in Office during election. Unfortunately these guys have applied to some labour union, to make our presence in the office legal. but enakku kavalai illai, eppadiyum en vote a vera yaaravadhu pottirupaanga :-))

Ram said...

It should be the people who have to take intrest to vote and not Govt.For ex, If i am not voting today for some X and Y reasons,it means that I am not much bothered abt the Future Govt.So it your problem.So Govt can only make awareness and can not make you to vote by providing transport facilities and stuffs like that :))

Sridhar said...

E-voting should be a good solution and government should think on this line in future. This will give chance for s person like me who has never turned towards polling booth in life so far ;-)

வேதா said...

yes,nee solrathum correct thann:)

nops, my grandma could not travel:(

kavalapatatheenga, next election-la vote potutunga.:)

no yaar, the issue is actually allowing people to vote even from outside their constituency thats postal voting. thats the whole issue in this post. providing transportation to aged people was already there.:)

yes, u r rite. the govt should realise that they are missing valuable votes.:)

Ram said...

Got it...btw, transportation to aged people is provided by Govt???..oops i am not aware this.

வேதா said...

no transport wasnt provided by the govt, but by the political party agents. but that was long time ago, only for very old people(ofcourse they were expected to vote for the party that provided them the transport)

Anonymous said...

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