Thursday, June 22, 2006

yaar manasula yaaru?

vijay tv is showing a new program called grandmaster. there has been advertisements for this program for over a month " yaar manasula yaaru?" to increase the curiosity among the viewers. and ofcourse they suceeded in it. From the day the program started , it goes on very interestingly. usually during the 9.30pm slot all i could hear from my neighbourhood, are the dialogues from the serial 'selvi'(i hate this serial). but now, i could hear some 'grandmaster' too.

The game goes basically like this, the grandmaster, the host of the show is mr. pradeep. He challenges the participants that he would find out the personality they think . He would ask 21 questions to the participant to which they can answer 'yes' or 'no'. if the GM couldnt guess the answer even after 21 questions, the participant gets 25,000rs and the game moves on to the next level, where there is a chance of winning 50,000rs and then 1 lakh rupees in the last level. its said that only one person has defeated the GM, in the same show which he hosted earlier in a malayalam channel.

Mr. pradeep, the grandmaster as he is called, has his name in limca book of records for his talent. The real talent lies in the questions he asks the participants, and in the way ,he eliminates the possibilities in each question and finally comes out with the right person.ofcourse it requires a lot of hard work,concentration and memory.

Mr.pradeep, being a malayali speaks good tamil, but with malayala accent, so it requires concentration and high volume to listen to his questions. and he also gives some good general information at the end of the show. The show is co-hosted by our 'manja kaatu maina' fame , gayathri jayaram. She is sort of ok, with her tamizh(when compared to our other thogupaalinigal, particularly those starring in sun music)but there is something missing in her delivery of dialogues, its not that much realistic, she is good looking, athuvum latchanamaga oru mooku, athil azhagaana mookuthiyum paanthamaga thaan iruku. But the irritating thing is her costumes, her sarees are beautiful , but for gods sake and for the sake of viewers, somebody tell her not to wear sarees. saree enral munthanai iruka vendiya idathil podama, idupill angavasthiram mathiri suthikitu vanthaanga. naan patha varaikum oru rendu episodes-la matum thaan vozhunga podava katikitu vanthaanga. nalukku naal ivanga costume sense abaya leveluku arugil poi kondu irukirathu. why the hell she is wearing a saree?, when she could not wear it as it should be(she needs to be reminded that she hosts a family show, not cat walking on a ramp as a model)

p.s., In an article in ananda vikatan,regarding the program , it has been mentioned that my fav writer ,Mr. sujatha has challenged that the grandmaster cannot guess the personality he thinks. i dont know whether he is participating, but will be interesting, if sujatha takes part in the program, which i am expecting with lot of enthusiasm.


வேதா said...

naan evlo thaan try panninalum post sariya align aaga maatenguthu, any suggestions?

Delhi_tamilan said...

yaar manasula yaaru, ungal manasula yaaru, avaruku enna peru.. he really tells that in cute malayali accent.. i'm a regular watcher of this show.. btw, adha amma manja kattu mainava, adhan engaiyo patha madiri irukenu nenaichen? her tamil is bit odd than our grand master.. anyhow.. i think the three other judges could come in simple costumes rather than coat suit? why they need to look different? (btw, align enn aga matengudhu ungaluku? call lock pannuga, nan vandhu pakuren... Visiting charges Rs.500, edhavadhu parts mathanumna extra charge agum, solliten, appurama tea, vadai, bonda, dosai, coffee ellam kodukanumnu solla thevai illai adhu ellam neegalae koduthuduveenga....)ayo ivlo periya comment idhu varaikum nan en blog history-la koduthathe illai!

shree said...

i play this game with my husband but with 10 questions only. 21 questionsna i think its quite easy.
i hate gayathri - let her be any kattu maina
wow!! if only sujatha is really challenging - pl. pl. pl. yenakkaga let me know ur comments on the program.

ambi said...

cricket World cupla manthira bediya vidavaa intha maina dress pannitu varuthu..?
Ahaa, appo kandippa prog parkanumee! Yen Gk va valathukkalaam illa, atha thaan sonnen. :)
intha bnglrela vijay tv ellam theriyaathe! :(

Arjuna, antha mainavukku mooku nalla irukaam! paathu sollu pa! :)

Gopalan Ramasubbu said...

Sujatha taking part in that programe would be interesting btw Gayathri Jayaram mela ungalaku en avlo kovam?;) etho chinna ponnu,vayasu kolarula etho style ah dress panitu poguthu loose la vidunga.

unknown said...

ayyo ellame missing..ya am in PG..NO TV...vazhkaiye boring..
who told u cant watch vijay in bangalore.enna vachchikunu ippadi sollalama

I shud thank the blog world..bcoz of u guys am updating daily happening in the world..

Sujatha varuvara...

கீதா சாம்பசிவம் said...

வேதா, படிச்சுப் பாருங்க, ஆனால் ஜனரஞ்சகப் பத்திரிகைகளில் ஜாஸ்தி வராது.

smiley said...

i heard about this program and sure sujatha will be a real challenge. look forward :)

ambi said...

@gops, correctaa sonna shishyaa..

@ammu, apdiyaa? (with jollu) vijay TV enga theriyuthunu konjam solla kudathaa? btw, mobile no change pannina solla koodaathaa? gr..rrr

Ram said...

Speaking about Sujatha, the 3 member panel has to approve the celebrity illa, if Sujatha thinks of such weird not guessable person they ll simply reject it.

Usha said...

oh, ivalo nalla pgm ellam varudha naatla? Good good..hey sorry veda, blogspace pakkam thalai vache paduka mudiyala ippolam, so ore adiya comments vittudaren

Bala.G said...

Bad luck! I am not able to watch this prog.
Usha, alignment ennoda blog-la irukira maadhiri irundha podhuma?? ;-)

ashok said...

lol at gopalan

My days(Gops) said...

namma oorla eppadi ellam program varudhu...
people are gifted mmmm...

gaya3 paavam'nga...vutrun'nga...

krk said...

i never know that-you write another blog...interesting ...

Any ways, these idiot box has made me an idiot already...they can never some good programs other than national geog..bbc1...:)

Arjuna_Speaks said...

Usha I read abt this programme..must be interesting :)..wuld luv to watch it :) - antha super singer contest eppadi iruku?

வேதா said...

yes, neenga sonna mathiri panel-nu solli moonu pera ukkara vachurukanga, paavam, vaazhkaiyla ithuku munnadi avanga suit,tie ithellam potrupaangalanu doubt thaan. athu ennamo intha oru vishayatha mattum namba aalunga vidavey matranga.
btw, neenga eppa vanthu sari panreenganu sollunga, naan flight ticketuku yerpadu panren:)

kandippa if sujatha comes,i will update u on the prog:)

//Ahaa, appo kandippa prog parkanumee! Yen Gk va valathukkalaam illa, atha thaan sonnen. :) //
ambi unga jollu aaru ippa kadala marituthu ponga:)
intha sujatha kathaigal-la vara vasanth-a pathu ganesh character adikadi oru dialogue solvathundu,
'nii thiruntha matta';)

btw, vijay tv blore-la varatha? nenga ethukum poi unga cable operatora poi merati paarunga, kandipa vanthudum. appuram ippa irukura tamil channels-la konjam paakara mathiri progs vijay-la thaan varuthu. so u r missing a lot.;)

me too expecting sujatha's appearence in the prog. i hope he comes.
btw, enaku gayathri mela thanipatta muraila entha kobamum illa, jus varutham avlo thaan.

aiyo, pavam. romba busy pola, dont worry i will update u on progs.

kandipa padichu paakaren:)

me too eagerly awaiting:)

yeah, but he will only select the personality that would be approved, athu kooda theriyatha enna avaruku:)

வேதா said...

enna unaku ipdi oru kodumaiya? paravailla adikadi vanthu thalaiya kaatitu po:)

yes, athu mathiri enaku align agala,
i am thinking of changing my template:)

what? no thanipatta comments:)
athu enna lol? explain pls:)

athu thaan neenga vacation-la vara poreenga illa, appa ella progs pathu manasa thethikonga:)

what? u dont know this blog? usually all the bloggers who come here knew abt this blog , but not my tamil one. but inga vice versa, but anyway , keep visiting:)

super singer supera poikitu iruku:)


Jagan said...

i dont watch much of these serials ..the only thing i prefer to watch is lollu sabha ..but ni entha saree matter solli , u got me interested me will definitely watch the prog.

Jeevan said...

engga vetula antha naram pathu thaan Selvi selvi selvi paka ukkaruranga, enna pandrathu. i saw one show, its very intersting to see.

Harish said...

oh wow...naan ad maatum paarthaen...program concept looks good...Vijay does make very good teasers.

Syam said...

thats interesting, what if the participant lies...namma makkal ithu ellam sagajama pannuvaangale :-)

வேதா said...

intha post-a gayathriyum padichitaanga pola irukku, yena ippa decenta thaan varaanga:)

ada nee vera, enga veetula romba kashtapattu selviya thyaagam paninaanga itha pakarthuku:)

yes the prog is interesting:)

namala pathi therinju thaan, participant yaar nenachikaraangalo, avanga peray munnadiye ezhuthi kodukanum, athu thaan rule.

Shuba said...

arumaiyaana program....romba interesting and captivating ,,,,,,,he so brainy pa
anana i donno y this gayathri acts so smart kaduppa varuthu...she is a thirushti for taht prog!

Bala.G said...

compose pannum podhu tool bar-la "Justify full"-nu oru option irukkum. adha click pannunga. unga blog super aayidum

Jeevan said...

matikeneya, you have been tagged.

Syam said...

//peray munnadiye ezhuthi kodukanum//

oh angaye aapu vechudaraangala... :-)

வேதா said...

correcta sonnenga:)

actually enaku athu yerakanave theriyum, antha option use panni ivlo naal intha template-la work agala. but ippa neenga sonna appuram innoru vaati try paninen, it worked out. thanks.

epdiyo maati vututa:) taggidren kavalapadatha.:)

periya aapu(namma alunga ushaar aache)